Orchard Club South | Englewood, CO
8484 S Valley Hwy, Suite 250, Englewood, CO 80112
Near County Line Light Rail Station

Volunteers Needed!

Due to COVID-19, these are not current club hours. This page will be updated 
once the club resumes "regular" operations. 


Friendly volunteers are needed to ensure smooth operation of Orchard Club 
and our great coffee bar needs staffing during normal business hours.

If you want to volunteer, please contact Jean C to setup a short training session.

Available Coffee Bar Shifts

6:30A - 9:00A
9:00A - 12:15P
11:45A - 3:00P
3:00P - 5:00P
5:00P - 7:00P

7:00A - 12:15P
11:45A - 3:00P
3:00P - 5:00P
5:00P - 8:45P

7:00A - 12:15P
11:45A - 3:00P
3:00P - 7:00P

Ideal volunteers include:
- People in recovery needing community service hours
- Sponsors seeking service work
- Old-timers looking to be of service
- All 12-step program members
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